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Test your Laser Operator safety knowledge



Which of these is not a step to safe crowd scanning in the USA?
The estop is what kind of closure?
Which of the following is not a safe way to mount a projector?
Why does the laser projector have a key?
True or False, you must complete a safety checklist for each show you do.
What is the manual reset switch?
During the show, what is not a responsibility of the operator?
When setting up zones for a new show, its safest to:
When operating a terminated show outdoors, what is the maximum altitude the lasers can enter in the USA?
What regulatory authority manages lasers in the USA?
Which of these is not a label found on a laser projector?
True or False, You can use balcony edges to zone as long as you use a little as possible.
When do you mask your zones?
True for false, The operator must be able to see all termination points at the estop.
What distances can you mount lasers from accessible areas?